Your Advantage

Decrease mastitis.
Increase milk output.

With our careful analysis and guidance the difference can be extraordinary. Individual farms are saving tens of thousands in lost productivity and milk companies are being provided with a quality product.

It’s efficiency from specialist expertise. It’s security in superior results. It’s the reason why New Zealand’s leading farm groups, milk companies and over 500 individual farm businesses have used the PureMilk programme.

The New Zealand average BMSCC has steadily declined over the last six years due to an industry focus on milk quality. The season average BMSCC in 2010/11 was 215,000 and this decreased to 170,000 in 2014/15 season. The industry target is to reach an average of150,000 in 2016.

Whole herd dry cow therapy (+/- teatseal) has been successfully utilised by the veterinary profession during this time. This is in conflict with global demands to reduce antimicrobial usage in production animals. The recent NZ Veterinary Association announcement of “no reliance on antibiotics by 2030” is an indication of the changes to come.

The value proposition for improved milk quality has been well established. Industry-approved calculators are available that determine the financial advantage that can be achieved by reducing BMSCC and clinical mastitis rates. Trial work shows that for every 100,000 increase in the BMSCC, 2% of production is lost. Cows simply divert energy from milk production to overcome mastitis.

Here’s an example to illustrate how PureMilk works to your advantage: If a 400 cow herd with a season average BMSCC of 250,000 and clinical mastitis rate of 20% reduces the BMSCC to the industry target of 150,000 and 10% clinical mastitis rate then based on a $4.00 pay-out the potential gain is $16,000.00 per annum.