Our History

In 2009 PureMilk was started as a response to the considerable costs mastitis was placing on the New Zealand dairy industry.

Mastitis expert Dr Adrian Joe developed the concept of a mastitis consulting service after spending considerable time analysing every possible mastitis risk factor within the milking process.

Along with Ian Hodge and Steve Cranefield, Adrian developed the service even further over the coming years.

This process recognised that there was no ‘one size fits all’ approach to mastitis control. Every herd and dairy is different, and no staff milking routine is ever exactly the same.

To make any change requires an incomparable understanding of what goes on at the interface between the milking machine and the cow – how it can be changed and, most importantly, when and why it should be changed.

The positive response from field trials of new techniques and the subsequent use of the programme by leading New Zealand farmers ensured the company could expand it’s service nationwide.

With Ian and Adrian now at the helm of PureMilk the initial vision of the company remains the same.