Achieving the best result in milk purity can never be put down to one thing. We carefully analyse the entire process, from the bacteria to the cow, the equipment to the people using it. We then provide independent, expert guidance and a tailor-made programme to reduce mastitis and significantly improve milk quality.

Practicality in action.
Purity in results.

With a carefully developed partnership approach of assessment, analysis and action you’ll achieve the highest quality milk possible. Find out how here.

The masters of mastitis.

Our experts have a wealth of experience to draw from when evaluating the smallest details. Only then can we ensure a unique solution for your operation. Meet our people.

Greater understanding.
Lower somatic cell counts.

Identifying a mastitis problem is just the first step. Understanding the causes is just as important, and developing a cost-effective, time-efficient control programme is vital. See how it will work for you.

The numbers game.

Find out how PureMilk has reduced somatic cell counts, clinical cases and improved productivity for New Zealand farmers. Read more.